Greece holds a strange significance for Sirens Of Lesbos, the Swiss five piece whose eponymous label was launched in early summer 2018 with their new single ‘We’ll Be Fine’. For starters it inspired the group’s name, a playfully anonymous moniker when they originally set out, by their own admission, to write an Ibiza hit for fun. They succeeded, the pitched down vocals of ‘Long Days, Hot Nights’ leading them onto a string of BBC Radio 1 supported hits for Exploited and Armada, garnering over 30 million listens in the process. But it was later under Athens’ ancient Acropolis, following an unsatisfactory 2015 gig there, that they realised the direction they’d set off on didn’t represent the true heart of the group. For most groups having an Ibiza hit is the ultimate goal. For Sirens Of Lesbos, it was just the first step in proving the undeniable power and appeal of their multicultural, multi-faceted sound.

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